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March 16th climate criminal award action

Protest action in Edmonton


A video



RBC CEO Receives Canadian Climate Criminal Award:
Citizens respond to Nixon receiving Business Leadership Award with their own people’s choice award

March 16, 2010 (Edmonton, Alberta) — With Gordon Nixon receiving the Canadian Business Leader Award (CBLA) today in Edmonton, concerned Albertans are giving Nixon their own people’s choice award: the Canadian Climate Criminal Award.

Nixon, CEO of Royal Bank of Canada, will be receiving the CBLA Award Tuesday evening at the Shaw Conference Centre. Our award team will be outside the conference centre presenting an alternative award and questioning the logic behind giving a business leadership award to someone backing the world’s most destructive project and refusing to respect international human rights standards.

“We want to acknowledge Mr. Nixon’s work with this Canadian Climate Criminal Award,” said Russell Charlton. “Nixon, as head of RBC, represents the number one backer of the Tar Sands. Expansion of the tar sands is trampling the rights of Indigenous peoples, destroying globally significant ecosystems and sabotaging Canada’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions. Such extreme destruction would not have been possible without RBC and Nixon.”

“Parody aside, Mr Nixon’s actions are deadly serious. His company is responsible for emissions that will throw the world into climate catastrophe. And Nixon himself has refused to support basic human rights recognized in international agreements, including first nations’ rights to free, prior and informed consent for projects that will impact their territories,” said Andrew Fehr.

“Responding to his CBLA Award, Nixon spoke of the future prosperity of our communities, but his company puts our futures at risk by investing over $50 billion in fossil fuels while putting only a small fraction of that into renewable energy,” said Logan McIntosh. “If we want future prosperity then Nixon and RBC need to suspend financial support of the tar sands and start financing the green economy – the economy of the future.”

Canadian Climate Criminal Award delegates will be outside the Shaw Conference Centre at 6:30pm today to welcome attendees of the CBLA dinner. Our award delegates are Alberta citizens concerned about a liveable future and advocating for climate justice.

More information on an international campaign challenging RBC’s role in the Tar Sands can be found through Rainforest Action Network’s website at

[from a note on Facebook]


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