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2009: November 30th London, Ontario leafletting

This afternoon, the Mobilization for Climate Justice – London‘s ongoing campaign against RBC’s leading role in Tar Sands financing was taken directly into a local RBC branch for the first time. In solidarity with climate justice activists across North America, and in recognition of the 10th anniversary of of the protests against the WTO in Seattle, the London, Ontario climate justice activists distributed leaflets and information to RBC customers and tellers in the downtown RBC branch. We also posted flyers on ATMs to explain that money from RBC ATMs is used to finance the most environmentally destructive energy project in the world, the Alberta Tar Sands megaproject. Eventually, a police officer arrived in the branch, taking names and contact information, before telling us that we would have to move our protest out of the bank and onto the sidewalk outside. From there, we continued distributing dozens more of our leaflets explaining RBC’s dismal environmental record, and inviting RBC’s customers to get involved in the fight to drive RBC out of the Tar Sands. We were so successful that we are now thinking about doing this every week or two as part of our broader campaign against RBC’s tar sands financing.



Climate justice leafletting in an RBC bank      Climate justice leafletting in an RBC bank
A climate justice activist leafletting in the RBC branch

Tar sands campaign flyers and pamphlets
Tar sands campaign pamphlets and flyers on RBC ATMs

A Mobilization for Climate Justice sign      A Mobilization for Climate Justice sign
Signs that were prepared for the climate justice day of action

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