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2009: November 30th demonstration in Montreal

A report from Cameron Fenton – “Montrealers Protest Tar Sands Expansion Pipeline

A CKUT radio interview

A French CBC write-up – “Pas de pétrole sale à Montréal




Here’s part of the (English) event announcement

Do You Want the Tar Sands In Montreal?

Dirty Oil is fueling Canada’s Sabotage of a Safe Climate Future, and it’s Headed Straight for Montreal.


Part of the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice…

While Premier Jean Charest is making headlines for his commitment to curb Quebec’s emissions, his government is steadily green-lighting a pipeline from the world’s most destructive enterprise, the Tar Sands, right into Montreal. As long as Tar Sands extraction continues on a massive scale, Canada cannot, and will not meet any major emissions reduction targets.

The Tar sands are responsible for the unprecedented ecological devastation of pristine Northern Boreal Forests, and the tearing of the very social fabric of communities such as Fort Chipewyan. Now the destruction is coming to our backyard. If approved, the Enbridge Trailbreaker project will bring 200,000 barrels of dirty oil from the Tar Sands through Montreal, 40,000 of which would be refined in Montreal-Est, before continuing onto to Maine, and all the way down the Eastern seaboard.

The Tar Sands expansion projects are shaping up to be the one of the biggest mistakes of our generation, but we can stop them in their tracks. Montreal is, and must remain a Tar Sands Free Zone, for our own future, and that of the planet.

Stop the Trailbreaker, Stop the Tar Sands Demonstration!! Mobilize for Climate Justice in Canada.

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