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2009 actions

Some of Canadian actions for climate justice that were organized in 2009 –

December 19th Ottawa, Ontario protest: Photos (here and here)

December 16th Calgary, Alberta sit-in

December 16th protest in Sidney, British Columbia: Photos

December 15th protest in Montreal, Quebec: An article

December 14th protest in Toronto, Ontario: An article, with links to other material (e.g. video)

December 12th rally in Toronto, Ontario: Photos

December 8th Ottawa, Ontario parliament sit-in

December 4th Vancouver, British Columbia sit-in

December 3rd Ottawa, Ontario sit-in

December 2nd Sidney, British Columbia sit-in

November 30th Montreal, Quebec demonstration

November 30th Whitby, Ontario sit-in

November 30th London, Ontario leafletting

November 25th Edmonton, Alberta sit-in

November 23rd Calgary, Alberta sit-in

October 26th Ottawa, Ontario protest

There also was some climate justice messaging in December Olympics protests.  (Statements about RBC and the tar sands in this Waterloo, Ontario announcement are one example.)

And, in November, there were flash mob actions for “climate justice” and “green jobs.”

Other noteworthy climate justice actions aren’t on this list, which was started around the end of the year (before this Climate Justice Network existed).


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