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  • This Network is here to support Canadian climate justice activism

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Climate justice

This Network project has been an attempt to support climate justice activism.

Climate justice organizers and activists fight injustices, and they take on other political & economic sides of climate and fossil fuel crises.

We call for grassroots voluntary action. Community networks will have to lead the way toward climate justice.  At best, government officials and bureaucratic campaign organizations can only play supporting roles.

There are a range of strategies and tactics which can have an impact. Protests, leafletting, and petitions are some of the tactics in our toolboxes.  Non-violent direct action is one tactic that we support, but we aren’t assuming that all climate justice campaigners do as well.

Climate injustices are multi-sided problems that must be tackled from more than one angle. Some of the climate justice organizers around this network mainly will try to influence the federal government; other organizers won’t focus on governments at all. Corporations are major targets too. And we should find other effective ways to tackle the various climate injustices around us.

The goals and values behind this network are drawn from Mobilization for Climate Justice coalition‘s statements in 2009.

We also encourage you to support the Time to Be Bold emissions targets. Rising CO2 emissions are worsening poverty and oppression, across the world — especially in resource-poor countries.

The network

This project basically has amounted to online spots to re-post links, call-outs, photos, and so on.  But here is more of the vision that is behind this project –

We are not exactly asking you to join this network, which is just here to promote and support other Canadian climate justice campaigns, groups, projects, actions, and networks. We encourage you to organize more locally or regionally. This site is here to provide some collaborative links between grassroots climate justice organizers and activists.  There actually are next to no grassroots movement networks in this country, so this project is here to help with build those collaborative connections.

This climate justice network mainly is a set of web pages.

We will be posting day of action call-outs, information about regional convergences, and other climate justice web links (about activist events, for instance). We also maintain a Flickr photo collection.  Other possibilities for this network include: (a) petitions; (b) pamphlets that groups might use or adapt for their own purposes; and (c) media release drafts that groups can edit and use.

This network is not another NGO (like Greenpeace, for instance), and we are not part of an NGO. We won’t shun those NGOs, but we also will remain independent from any such organization.  There is material on here with less-than-grassroots and less-than-radical NGO associations, but none of those organizations has any sway over this project.

In Canada

This network is here for Canadians who want to collaborate with other Canadians. Since we are so spread out in this country, it can be very difficult for us to work together — especially at a grassroots level. Plane trips are expensive, and people outside of formal organizations don’t have the same wide-reaching structured communication channels. This site is here to help with getting past those sorts of obstacles, to form lasting collaborative links between grassroots climate justice organizers and activists in this country.

Direct Action in Canada for Climate Justice organizers have done some campaigning of their own.

We also encourage you to work with activists and organizers outside of Canada. Organizers in other countries can help Canadians, and we can help them. Since climate injustices are multinational problems, we will have to understand and confront them as such. Some Americans are closer at hand than many Canadians are, and many of our campaigns (against pipelines, for native sovereignty, against tar sands investments, etc) cut across the border. In other words: please don’t let nationalism get in the way of opportunities for collaboration.

Beyond Canada, some climate justice organizing connections are happening through Rising Tide North America, which you might want to join.

Looking beyond North America…
we also support Climate Justice Action, and the great organizing that has been done around climate camps (in the UK, and elsewhere).

The history of this Network project

This network mainly has been connected with a local climate justice group in London, Ontario, and it has been associated with previous “Direct Action in Canada for Climate Justice” organizing.

There have been other climate justice groups, projects, and networks out there, and we appreciate and respect those efforts. At best, this particular project can help climate justice organizers to build on what they already are doing themselves.

To repeat what is said above: this network basically is here to help people to form stronger and more lasting links between more local and more grassroots climate justice organizing.

This network project still is an experiment. If it proves to be counter-productive, it will be scrapped. Hopefully people actually will get together a better approach to replace this one.

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