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The Dominion’s Special Issue on Climate Justice

Posted by ccjn on January 27, 2011

(From the Media Co-op)

Every year, the Media Co-op publishes a special issue of The Dominion delving deeper into one particular topic. In March, based on reader input & proposals, we’ll be publishing our next special issue – this time on Climate Justice.

Climate justice involves injecting a human element to the climate debate, and making social justice a top priority. This doesn’t just mean considering the poorest of the poor in the regions most vulnerable to the effects of global warming, it also means enhancing equality while rapidly reducing emissions in high-emitting countries like Canada.

The Dominion’s special issue on Climate Justice will focus on such struggles within Canada’s borders, and those that implicate Canadian actors abroad — whether governments, corporations or non-governmental organizations. This critical resource comes at a time when the media downplays the importance of Climate Justice movements while underscoring false solutions to climate change.

Our goal is to leave readers with a rich array of stories about Climate Justice struggles in or connected to Canada; vivid glimpses of individuals on the front lines; as well as clear pathways to taking action in campaigns for Climate Justice.

Our coverage, and our ability to cover these issues, depends on you: the readers, subscribers and sustainers who support Media Co-op and make The Dominion possible.

There are several ways you can help make sure that thousands of copies of this issue make it into the hands of people across Canada:

Getting The Dominion out across the country isn’t easy. If you can pass on copies to friends or drop a stack in a local coffee shop, click here to sign up.

To really get information into circulation, it needs to be talked about. It can be five people in a living room or a packed community hall, but we need people to organize at the level of neighbourhoods and institutions. It’s easier than you think: get a room and tell us the place and time. Contact us at with CJ LAUNCH in the subject line for more on organizing a launch.

If you can spare $20 or $200, or your business wants to advertise in this issue, you’ll be helping get independent journalism to folks who want to read it. Every donation helps; to give, click here.


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