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Gearing up for Cancun

Posted by ccjn on November 24, 2010

The 16th Conference of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change, or better known as COP16, will be held in Cancun, Mexico next week. From November 29th to December 10th international leaders will make another attempt to form a binding legal agreement that can work towards solving the climate crisis.

However, after the 2009 Copenhagen Climate Conference or COP15 many climate justice communities have lost all trust in such negotiating processes. What did we see at last year’s COP15? Just three days into the conference, a leaked document (“The Danish Text”) that set predetermined agreements allowing rich countries to pollute more. Real climate crisis solutions represented by grassroots activists, organizations and NGO representatives were locked out of the Bella Center. The introduction of new anti-democratic laws limiting free speech, actions, mobilizations, and any real development of effective climate justice. A crack down on legal and democratic rights through major human rights violations implemented by an overly violent and aggressive police presence in Copenhagen- something that is becoming far too familiar for the people fighting the false solutions to the climate crisis. And finally in the early hours of the last morning of the Copenhagen conference the global leaders came together and created “The Copenhagen Accord,” a document that abandoned lowering target carbon emissions and thus openly accepted the deep and utter failure of the entire conference.

What did the global climate activist community learn from this experience? The conference failed, the governments failed, and the leaders are unwilling to act. The real solutions and real changes can only happen through the people and from the ground up! We have not been silenced- we have only grown stronger. The global climate justice movement is gearing up and we are ready to move forward with more force once again:

1,000 Cancuns:
In response to the COP16, La Via Campesina invites people’s movements around the world to mobilize in order to create 1,000 Cancuns: ‘We call on social movements, popular organizations and all people of the world to organize thousands of protests and actions to reject the false and market solutions.’  For more information see:

CJA 1,000 Cancuns and COP 16 Report Backs:
Climate justice Action will be in touch with grassroots climate justice comrades on the ground in Cancun and with those who are planning an action for 1,000 Cancuns. We plan to report on the climate justice struggles and successes during the conference and other mobilizations happening at the same time. This information will be updated and posted on the CJA website regularly. The success of these updated reports relies on our international solidarity. Will you be in Cancun or would you like to help with writing report backs? If yes, please take time to write us an email at so we can get accurate report backs from you.

Klimaforum10 in Cancun:
Klimaforum Mexico will be hosting grassroots movements and civil society during the COP16. They will be providing “space for all people, where they can gather, debate on constructive solutions, propose and find consensus towards coordinated international action in the face of the climate crisis. Where governments fail, the people shall prevail.” Please check


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