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November: Two climate justice movement-building gatherings

Posted by ccjn on November 12, 2010

This November there will be two climate justice movement-building gatherings in mid-western North America:

International Tar Sands Resistance Summit: Nov. 19-22

Tar Sands Resistance Summit

Strategizing Globally to Win Locally: Building an international, grassroots movement to shut down the Tar Sands

The Summit will take place at the Lubrecht Experimental Forest conference center, 30 miles east of Missoula, Montana, USA. The summit is designed to be a place where individuals representing tar sands-impacted communities can come together to strategize, learn skills and network in order to grow and strengthen the international effort to effectively resist the most destructive industrial project on the planet, the Alberta tar sands. The four-day convergence will focus primarily on connecting individuals and communities affected by the Alberta Tar Sands, the XL Energy Pipeline, and the proposed mega-load shipments. This event is free and open to the public, but due to limited space we will have to cap the number of attendees. Feel free to register online, but please be sure to read the information provided on the form.

See the event web site for information about the schedule, food & housing, and other aspects of the gathering.

A ride share board is available on a separate web site.

You can contact the event organizers at TarSandsSummit [at]

In Edmonton, Alberta, this annual conference will bring together community members, activists and others fighting the global infrastructure of the tar sands gigaproject.

This year’s themes include:

  • The Tar Sands go Global: reports from Madagascar, Trinidad and more
  • Environmental NGOs, secret deals, and how to build a democratic, transparent environmental movement
  • Ongoing resistance to pipelines, refineries, and other tar sands infrastructure

During the gathering, activists will be taking further steps toward building a Climate Justice Co-op that can support direct actions, and a wider range of climate justice mobilizations.

See the conference web site for the schedule, and for other conference material. Directions also are posted there, and a ride share board has been set up on another web site.

For more information, or to get involved, email the organizers at info [at]

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