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June 23rd People’s Assembly on Climate Justice

Posted by ccjn on June 7, 2010

Invitation to help plan, support, and participate in
People’s Assembly on Climate Justice: Moving Forward From Cochabamba

An Evening of Connection and Discussion to be held Wednesday, June 23rd, in Toronto

Contact:, (647) 869-6496


Dear friends and allies,

At the 2009 UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen, Canada and the other rich industrialized nations refused all efforts by Majority World countries to broker a deal ambitious enough to counter the impacts of global warming and address the longstanding economic and social inequity caused by the more than 400 year-long colonial exploitation of the world’s people and resources. In response to the leaders of those same rich, industrial countries who will converge upon our city for the G20 this June, grassroots activists in cooperation with the Toronto Community Mobilization Network have called for Wednesday, June 23rd, to be a day of resistance for environmental and climate justice.

Many of us in the climate justice movement gained inspiration from the successful cross-pollination of a variety of movements during the World People’s Conference on Climate Change and the Rights of Mother Earth in Cochabamba, Bolivia this past April. In the lead up to the G20, the Toronto Community Mobilization Network has begun to build and nurture what we hope will become strong, ongoing connections between multiple local struggles and organizers. It is in this spirit that we propose to conclude the activities of Wednesday, June 23rd, with a peaceful, participatory, indoor assembly to discuss:

— how all of our struggles are connected by the climate crisis
— what happened in Cochabamba, why it matters, and how it can influence our organizing moving forward
— how we can best support and strengthen the global — and local! — movement for climate justice

The Cochabamba Accord calls for indigenous self-determination, economic justice, migrant justice, gender justice, environmental and climate justice, food sovereignty, etc. – everything we are fighting for in Toronto. It will take the collective strength of all our movements to achieve the global justice necessary to confront the climate crisis. To this end, we invite members of your organization to join with us to help plan, support and participate in this event.

We hope you will be able to send us a quick reply when you can to let us know if you may be interested. Thank you!


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