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June 21st to 24th (tentatively): Themed Days of Resistance (Build Up Actions) in Toronto

Posted by ccjn on February 1, 2010

The Toronto Community Mobilization Network has sent out these draft plans for actions in advance of the Toronto G8/G20 summit. (Here is the Facebook version.)

Climate justice activism is one of the four main areas that they will be helping to coordinate. (And each of the other three action themes easily could be interlinked in with climate justice issues as well — of course).


21 – 24 June 2010: Themed Days of Resistance (Build Up Actions)

There are four themes proposed for each of these days (Monday to Thursday)

Dates are presently not confirmed. Groups and communities are encouraged to contact the Community Mobilization Network to suggest which day they would like to organize around.

(a) Indigenous Sovereignty and Self-Determination
(b) Economic Justice
(c) Climate Justice
(d) Migrant Justice and an End to War and Occupation

People are encouraged to host meetings, film screenings, panel events, performances, marches, rallies, direct actions in cities across the world. Please let us know what you are planning –


25-27 June 2010: DAYS OF ACTION

In opposition to the G8/20 and with a will to transform, people across Turtle Island are organizing community-based days of action in Toronto, Canada. The days of action will be led by Toronto-based organizations of people of color, indigenous peoples, women, the poor, the working class, queer and trans people and disAbled people.

We will organize for these days of action by deepening our roots. With sisters, brothers, friends and allies, we will shut down the places, the systems and the ideas that exploit and exclude us.

In their place, we will creatively build the world we wish to live in. A world with
~ self-determination for indigenous peoples
~ climate justice
~ income equity and community control over resources
~ migrant justice and an end to war and occupation

Proposed Days (subject to change)

25 June:
Community Organizations Day of Action (Yellow)
followed by Open Space for Actions (Red, Yellow or Green)

26 June:
Family Friendly March/Rally (Green)
followed by Open Space for Actions (Red, Yellow or Green)

27 June:
Open Space for Actions (Red, Yellow or Green)
possible Social Movement Consultation

[Legend: Green (No risk of arrest); Yellow (Mass Civil Disobedience, Medium Risk of Arrest); Red (Supportive Direct Action, High Risk of Arrest)]

The Community Mobilization Network is not organizing these actions. Instead it is the networking space to coordinate different interests and ideas. If your organization, community or group wants to organize on one of these dates and want to connect with others, email


NOTE: Communities in resistance everywhere are encouraged to organize actions and events leading up to June 2010.

Details of billetting, travel from different cities and the like will be available through our listserv. Sign up at


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