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June 18th to 20th: The G8/G20 People’s Summit in Toronto

Posted by ccjn on February 1, 2010

Toronto organizers are arranging a G8/G20 People’s Summit between June 18th and 20th.

Climate issues are mentioned on their G8/20 Primer page, and climate justice concerns and activism will fit into the range of issues they are covering at this People’s Summit.

Here is some of what they say about the Summit on their web site

The 2010 G8/G20 Summit, set to take place in Toronto, Ontario (June 25-27, 2010) presents Canadian civil society organizations and groups with an opportunity to strengthen our collective voice and lend cohesion to our efforts on the environment, poverty, human rights and social justice.

The actions and policies of the G8/20 and its member-states have significant impact on millions of lives the world over, and with this, comes an opportunity for us – a diverse civil society, including community-based organizations, non-governmental organizations, public, media and other groups – to work together to educate, empower and ignite positive change we would like to see in our world.

We converge in Toronto from June 18th – 27th to create a space where our diverse movements can democratically organize to advocate and educate on behalf of global justice. The People’s Summit is happening from June 18th-20th, and will be followed by a week of autonomous actions throughout Toronto in the lead up the June 25th Day of Action.

The organizers invite you to join them in preparing this People’s Summit –

You can be involved in creating the summit and surrounding actions! Contact us at, and stay tuned for meetings and events.


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